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BBTM proudly delivers to our community the Lemongrass Spa facial, body and wellness line.

Why Lemongrass Spa?


Why I personally chose Lemongrass Spa?  

I chose Lemongrass Spa after searching for MONTHS.  I wanted a line that was clean, clean ingredients, organic, vegan (I am not vegan, however I wanted a line everyone could use) natural and EWG ingredient approved.. I wanted it all!

After my sister was diagnosed with Alpha Gal, her reactions were so severe that she would have aliphatic affects if she came in contact with a cooking pot that had cook red meat and even gluten (which has animal fats).  So while I was visiting in Ohio with some friends, I ran across Lemongrass Spa and fell in love with all the things that they stand for.  And... it was a sealed deal knowing that I could offer this line to my gluten free friends!


Which line is for me?  

Well, that is the good thing about Lemongrass Spa, all of their products work well together and you and I can have a discussion on what areas you would like to target.  From there we can come up with a plan.  

To get you started here's a little more info. 


Skin Luxuries Line is made for those who are targeting advanced signs of aging like, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, with the intent to smooth and brighten the skin.


Restore Glow Line is designed to immerse your skin in calm and healing benefits of light weight oils.  This like is ideal for sensitive skins and proactive anti-aging regimen.

Naturally Radiant Line is designed to hydrate, smooth and soften the appearance of fine lines.  A great choice for a proactive anti-aging regimen.


Prebiotic Line was created for those young and young at heart.  Prevention is key and this line helps you along that path. Information also showing that this line is good for those acne prone.


Tea Tree Line helps purify and repair with the natural oil-controlling collection.  Thisline heals reduces the appearance of pores and fights acne-causing bacteria.


Charcoal Detox Line designed to start with the charcoal facial cleansing bar, then exfoliate with the mask and polish. 

See the entire collections, bath and body items, and even MINERAL MAKE-UP here. 

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