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Existing Clients may request an appointment by calling or texting the office at 336-715-0222.

New Client Requests



Read more about the benefits of Ashiatsu

                                                       60 min - $80

                                                      90 min - 120$

With Ashiatsu Therapeutic Massage, the practitioner is able to apply and sustain the smooth and constant deep pressure necessary for muscles to release tension. Rather than having to depend on a therapist’s hand and arm muscle strength, a therapist uses the overhead bars and her own weight through her soles, to regulate the amount and depth of pressure, as well as the angle to the muscles, allowing the therapist to work across a far greater range of pressure allowing her to use her fingers and hands for more intricate work on the head, neck, etc. 


My Mission

My mission is to truly connect with each client and assist them in being their best physically.  My heart and passion is helping others through their pain, injuries, etc.  I truly want God to use me and my business as an instrument for His work.  

                     "Making a difference in lives one session at a time"

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